Surface Pro 2 or Wacom Cintiq Companion?

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I have drawn in the past 2 months but it’s just not meant for public! I do have a question about a device that should help me create when I don’t feel like sitting behind a desk anymore:

I’m looking into buying a tablet-pc that’ll allow me to draw and paint (properly) anywhere, while acting as a tablet at the same time for entertainment while away from home. The iPad isn’t going to cut it drawing wise - I’ve been looking into a Surface Pro (2) and Wacom Cintiq Companion, but they both have their pros and cons.

Thoughts are welcome, since I’m having an incredibly difficult time deciding!

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What if Brave were a drama instead?

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Looks amazing!

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WIP inspired by a modern dance I saw last Thursday.

WIP inspired by a modern dance I saw last Thursday.

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I wasn’t too happy with the self-portrait I made a few days ago, so I redid it.

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For international self-portrait day. I look a bit haughty because I couldn’t find a large mirror that wasn’t too large or stuck to a wall, so I ended up with a small mirror on my desk.

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Soooo I decided to get back to this sketch that I started back in March after all.

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A WIP for today. The bridge idea that I still needed to get back to.

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Some fanart for Valiant Hearts!

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A sketch that turned into a little more. Not too happy with the stiffness of the face, going to do some studies tomorrow! =)

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Got inspired by Lois van Baarle’s latest sketch to bring more stylization back into the self-portrait =) Not there yet but it’s an improvement at least!

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Some sketches and studies I’m never going to finish

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Pinup/study time!

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Another update on the self-portrait.

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Work in progress inspired by a friend’s self portrait. Eyepatch included because that eye needs a lot of fixing. But not right now.

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